V/a.g.r.a. e Arsenio

animated lamp: V/a.g.r.a. and Arsenio

The expressive potentialities of living and reactive materials such as “shape-memory” alloys – already used by Romolo Stanco many years ago with a pioneering structural project developed in co-operation with CNR – led to the creation of “living lamps”, embryonic and morpho-organic articles that come to life, move and react as living creatures stimulated by light. Their design – passing over any kind of technical ostentation – is inspired by the dynamic fluency of the processes of cellular separation and, fed also by the sensation of “life” aroused by the item, led to the development of an embryonic shape that hangs down because of the force of gravity, turned off and lifeless like a proboscis unable to support its own weight, like a drop of fluid, crystallized just before reaching the ground. But, as soon as it’s switched on – like a kind of magic – the lamp becomes animated, as it was fed by a spark of life.

V/a.g.r.a.  is the version of the lamp “animated” at arm designed as a modular element and sold as a single piece or as a multiple for lighting systems.


Arsenio is the suspended version (ceiling) of V / agra with 20 trunks in textile material in the “dreadlocks” who look down on the light off and move and take shape in space continuously and randomly moving illumination of the lamp . The lamp V / agra in its prototype version is exposed in two copies in the permanent collection of the Museum ARS ELEC – TRONIC CENTER (AEC) in Linz (The Museum of the Future) in the section “ROBOLAB.”


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