when design embraces the body

Series of leather bracelets with lasercut designed by Romolo Stanco.


The skin resulting from other design pieces productions takes on a new life and becomes a jewel with a unique and fascinating design. The embroidery is obtained on the skin through the use of laser cutting. The technique creates a precise trimming that turns into a texture through which you can view your own skin. The bracelet becomes a sort of tattoo outside your body, available in different sizes and designs in order to allow you to find the perfect one for your style. The forearm version has an elastic skin band that makes the jewel elegant and perfectly embracing, turning it into a real second skin that gives character and strength to every look, from the most minimalist little black dress to the most sporting and easy choice such as jeans and T-shirt. The bracelet can also be worn over the sleeves of sweaters and clothes, creating a further contrast of colors and materials.

The names? They are a tribute to the designs origins and manufacturing techniques.

SHMI is the grandmother of Luke Skywalker, probably the most famous user of laser. LaNonna is the table designed by Romolo Stanco from which the bracelets gets the design, a reinterpretation of the traditional lace that in the table is made of nylon fabric between two layers of glass.


shmi train

DARTH takes its name from the character in the Star Wars saga , another who knew how to use the laser! The design is the same of TrimSolid, a modular piece of furniture that is customizable according to your needs. The light cuts become cuts on the skin, showing your skin beneath and the bracelet comes in two versions, perfect even for men with a rock soul.


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