electroluminescent lamp

“Quelcheresta” is the light that remains when you eliminate the traditional light source. The key idea and innovation in the field of traditional lighting fixtures (lamps) is the use of electro luminescent materials to get an object that looks like a sheet of laminated glass from which it was deleted, removed, deleted the “form” or rather the design of the profile of the lamp or traditional light source. “Quelcheresta” is a luminous element that represents what is typically around a traditional lamp as an object, is a kind of virtual section illumination produced by a lamp which is eliminated from the lamp itself. To function in fact, “Quelcheresta” nneppure does not require a light source of a traditional type but exploits the properties of materials electro-luminecenti based phosphors or organic compounds.

The archetypal forms of different types of light sources offer the possibility to transform “Quelcheresta” in a multi-object, fromthe lampshade to the table lamp, from the “old” light bulb to the chandelier,  adapting to different contexts and uses. After the success of the crystal limited edition, from 2013  is available a standard version in transparent or white perspex laser cut, with the possibility to choose the color of the illumina- ting source and its size.

Quelcheresta ABAT: table lamp / bedside sided powered outlet. The electroluminescent sheet represents the archetypal figure of a lamp shade, iconic image and immediately recognizable.


Quelcheresta BULB: Wall lamp Single sided perspex and film electroluminescent phosphor-based light-powered outlet. The electroluminescent sheet is a simple light bulb to bulb.


Quelcheresta TABLE: Double sided table lamp powered outlet. The electroluminescent sheet represents the figure of a table lamp to arm yourself with important dimensions and a remarkable ability enlightening.


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