laser etched mirror

MotherBoard is an object with a strong conceptual value, a mirror which – thanks to a sophisticated laser technique – includes an out of scale trace borrowed from electronic circuits. MotherBoard generates a graphic interpretation of reflected reality, and affirms its “pop” attitude by canceling the functional meaning of a technical object. It exclusively turns the object – a mirror – into its own representation. Much the same way, Jasper Johns turns the US flag into its own image, thus making it a piece of art. MotherBoard, however, isn’t meant for contemplation. It’s an object that captures and alters the reflected image, giving back an alternative reality, violated by elements that only belong to the mirror’s material – not to the “real” world that is represented by the mirror itself. The object thus actively starts a transfiguration of the image, while the human observer becomes aware that s(he) belongs to an era, a specific culture where the sense and meaning of commonly employed tools is lost. Thus, the traces of printed circuits are “tattooed” on the most harmless object, traditionally intended to show a two dimensional copy of reality. The traces are etched inside the mirror’s crystal (not on the surface) thanks to a laser technology usually employed in neurosurgery.


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