La Nonna

glass table and digital lace 

The Grandmother comes from a reflected world, from a far off universe. It does not really matter if it’s an alien creature, a product of our mind, a fantastic character or actually my grandmother. The Grandmother is a paradox, an option, a possibility, a different route from all that was before. The past is certainly behind it; the grandmother is an hypothesis for a future. The Grandmother is ourselves, our contradictions, our images, our dreams, our worlds. The Grandmother is a way, but it isn’t the only one. The Grandmother wishes to go against the idea of a linear evolution by putting together past and present. What would our sensibility look like if Enlightenment didn’t follow to Baroque? Where would we live today if the historical, cultural and technological balances would have developed along different lines? The Grandmother tries to experiment how the necessity to give form to unknown sensations and worlds – typical of the Baroque age – would find a contemporary expression. The experiment employes forms, lines and spaces – infinite, eternity, and the unpredictable events…

Between the plates of glass is stratified a micrometric nylon digital lace. “The Grandmother” is an object that brings together opposing formal approaches without collapsing into a paradox. It represent a possible balance between one aspect of our past and one of our future, between tradition and hard technical innovation.




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