laser etched mirror

The mirror, thought of as an instrument of “reflection” interpreted in the dual meaning of “suggestion to reflect” and “reflective surface”, is a contemporary interpretation of the mirror “framed” the classical tradition. The decoration, thanks to the innovative use of the laser, it becomes “an integral part” of matter, floating inside the glass as if suspended in a game of precarious balance.

killthequeen3KilltheQueen  is a contemporary interpretation of the typical Chippendale or Liberty framed mirror.  It’s a single glass slab, about 2 centimeters thick, and it holds inside a sort of framework that was engraved in the slab itself by employing a laser beam. The decoration – formally inspired to traditional frames – can only be seen in its multidimensional aspect, but it cannot either be touched or removed. It looks as if it were suspended inside the glass. KilltheQueen, fully respecting the modern tradition, was made with just one material: glass. A peculiar laser technology allows us to alter it so as to create micro-fractures that look as micro-dots, thus letting us perceive the decoration. The frame – a contradictory presence, actually integrated in the mirror by the laser technology – becomes part of the object, and no longer is a superimposition or superfluous exterior decoration.



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