liquid wood lamp

green lanterns

Green lantern is the synthesis of a new way to interpret the object’s design. Designed by Romolo Stanco and developed togheter with Politec Valtellina lab using an innovative material called “liquid wood”, GreenLantern want to be the showpiece in a collection consisting in objects made with the intention to revolutionize the traditional design concept. In fact, it is not just an object designed for a function, it represents the need to combine different types of objects in an unusual way and develop deeds inspired to the sensibility and the contemporary culture of crossover. The GreenLantern formal immediacy, expressed by a concise and quick sign that take its shape in the space, interacts with a dual function. It is a lamp and a flowerpot, conceptually, formally and technically very strongly related. The light produced by the lamp seems to be the symbolic representation of the plant’s life but, technically, is the plant itself that contributes to light the LED lamp – loading an internal battery – thanks to the elctrochemical energy surplus produced by its life functions.The formal sign that put the two different functions in relationship appears as a kind of organic duct,  as a vessel (both in the sense of the bloody one and the pot). That conduict delivers energie becoming gradually thinner approaching the end, untill disappears.That’s why this “channel” is made by an organic material called “liquid wood” that is a bio-polymer, a by-product of the wood’s manufacture. The lignin, the main part of liquid wood, is a natural polymer that melts when heated allowing to be injected as a chemical polymer. GreenLantern does not lead to an exclusive use of the object but invites us to consider its multiple nature, complex and contradictory, just like the nature of a living organism. Organic and artificial, biological and technological co-exist in a formal and functional balance, giving to the object an unexpected (new) life.


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