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e-QBO is a functional and metaphorical installation, an off-grid urban island, autonomous and connected at the same time. An example of how new functional and formal elements will be able to change the cities in the coming future. A photovoltaic accumulator designed in a pure form, able to create a dialogue with the historical buildings of the city. A contemporary out of scale architecture, thrown, as a die, in the middle of the city centre. A luminous design object that uses LED light to re-design an historical plaza. An element integrated with the urban culture thanks to the streetart made by V3rbo. An experiential box, containing an artistic videomapping. An object able to give back the energy accumulated from renewable sources and stored in brand new batteries (60kWh). A lighting hub, a charging hub for electrical and electronic devices. A free wi-fi hotspot 24h/24.


e-QBO accumulates energy through renewable sources, the returns in the form of services to the city provides public lighting, or other information through the videomapping communication systems, offers a free wifi network, energy for charging of electrical and electronic components.

Its interior can be transformed as required in venue, free, public or private. e-QBO is a manifesto of future smart cities: is both autonomous and connected, off-grid and integrated into the urban context.

At the fair in Milan Innovation Cloud, e-QBO became Micromuseum to accommodate the results of the project Smart Design for Smart Cities (SD4SC), through which researchers in the energy sector and six creative Italians have been working together on future scenarios of city. During the fair MADE 2013 e-QBO hosted the lounge and bar info point for RSE (Research on Energy System).


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