Aracnide Disc and Aracnide Road. A new project that sets the future of road bikes. Cycling will never be the same.

Aracnide unique and exclusive design is the result of a frame developed to provide the best possible performance with a hydraulic disc brake system. Also used in cars and motorbikes, the hydraulic disc brake system is the best-performing and safest solution mechanical technology can offer.

Aracnide is the world’s first racing bicycle designed for the future. It’s stylish and made in Italy*.

The design, research and development process that led to the creation of Aracnide has cast doubt onto everything that was once a certainty. Dimensions, forces, stresses, dynamics. Everything has changed.

It is simply a question of time, which T°RED aims to beat in the sprint with Aracnide.

Its unique design uses a variety of titanium alloys to generate the best response to the stress placed on the different components of the frame. Aracnide is the best that technology can offer a human in terms of performance, lightness and direct transmission of power from the pedals to the asphalt. The components have not only been selected to make it as light as possible, but also to ensure that each element performs to the very highest standards.

Aracnide A01RD-DISC is the result of a frame developed to provide the best possible performance with a hydraulic disc brake system embedded in a unique and exclusive design.

The original asymmetric geometry of the titanium frame has been lab and road tested and combines lightness, outstanding performances and incredible comfort.

It features a new carbon fibre thru-axle fork and wheels with rims and hubs expressly designed for disc brakes.

The basic design has been redeveloped thanks to the use of a disc brake system. It features a new carbon fibre fork and wheels designed to take a thru-axle. In fact, the thru-axle guarantees greater rigidity and dynamic precision in the hub-fork combination, ensuring that the hub is always in the perfect position in the dropouts and rear triangle, both in static terms and over time.

The result of this cutting edge design is a titanium, carbon and electronic “beast” winning the battle against gravity with its 7.8kg*.

Aracnide A01RR-RACE is titanium and style without compromises. Rigidity, responsiveness and lightness are combined in a performing and exclusive balance. Its markedly sporty geometry is responsive and lively when attacking a climb out of the saddle and at the same time comfortable during long rides. The essential design offers the best performance when accelerating and sprinting and is enhanced by the aero carbon fork and the wheels with stiffer and more rigid braking zone.

The “RACE” spirit embeds excellence and technology thanks to the electronic gear and the internal cable routing.

Aracnide is a bicycle conceived, designed and developed to be itself.

Challenging the force of gravity with your own forces. All of them.

* Being beautiful is not an optional.

** Size 54, Disc Brake, thru-axle fork, Dura Ace Di2 groupset, TOOT 51millimetri front and 61millimetri rear carbon wheels.

Ask more infos at design(at)tred(dot)me


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