C7OLED_lato+mac2_low C7OLED. Line is the new arc. 1 continuous line, 4 millimetres thick, 88.5-cm overhang, 2 Lumiblade OLEDs, 188 grams of carbon fibre, 1 base made from a solid marble block, 1 patent filed. These are the figures for C7OLED, Romolo Stanco’s new design for T°RED and Lumiblade OLED Lighting, which aims to revolutionise the world of lighting. With his formal yet down-to-earth approach, Romolo Stanco has developed a brand new object with a unique and seemingly simple design: research and technology, processes and materials have come together to generate a new and uncompromising lighting concept. In C7OLED design pays homage to the 21st century, transforming it into an object poised between several contemporary styles. The composite materials have not been chosen for their appearance, but for their high performances, making it possible to integrate the revolutionary OLED light source in an element that seems to strive for geometric balance through a skilful combination of weights and overhangs. The lamp’s seemingly simple design belies its complexity, concealing the various parts found in a traditional lamp within a single element. The structure, wiring, light source and functional ergonomic design are summed up in 4 mm of moulded carbon fibre. The lamp represents the quest for a technical and aesthetic balance that is far removed from the ostentation of hi-tech materials and components, while still permitting the creation of an object that it would otherwise be impossible to make. OLED sources provide optimal light diffusion, while the significant overhang almost separates the support surface from the lamp, as if transforming it into a hanging lighting element. All this is possible thanks to the patented process of sandwiching the OLED strip between composite materials. C7OLED creates an inseparable bond between the lamp and the light source with their functional accessories. The design of the marble base, realized in collaboration with Marmi Serafini, features an alchemical blend of solids, centres of gravity, functions and electronics, giving poise the object while also housing the power circuits inside it, together with a sensor that can be used to adjust the strength of the light source by touching the marble. Embedded is the term that best describes the new look generated by the design and development of C7OLED:  a beautiful object made possible by contemporary design, which frees itself from the ostentation of technology while encompassing it in its pure and functional line. C7OLED will be presented as part of the “Carbon fibre and design” show organised by Spazio Tadini during Milan design week. T°RED will occupy one of the gallery rooms, where it will be exhibiting the carbon fibre technology, processes and workmanship that have permitted the creation of such diverse objects as BestiaNera, C7OLED and Glidesurf jewellery, all of which combine expertise and research in the quest to create unique yet reproducible objects. Design: Romolo Stanco If you want more infos: design(at)tred(dot)me

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